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Fence Restoration

Over time, an unprotected fence will begin to grey, mildew and rot. Not only is this an eyesore, but it can also depreciate the value of your property and become a safety hazard if the rot goes untreated for too long. If you’ve noticed your DFW fence is starting to look a bit haggard, look no further than Iron Horse for all your fence restoration needs!

Whether it’s a broken board, refinishing or rot removal, we can handle it. If it’s staining or painting you need, we use the highest quality products meant to protect and maintain the health of the fence for years to come. Your fence will look and feel brand new.

Our Process

We’ll begin by deep cleaning the fence to ensure there’s a clean pallet for us to work with. This will remove dirt, splinters and other grime, all while maintaining the integrity of the wood. Our cleaning process results in a fence that is ready to absorb stain or be repaired properly.

Fence Repair

As wooden fences age, they can begin to sag, crack or rot. The great news about this is that it’s easy to repair certain areas without having to do a full replacement. We’ll come out and take a look, then determine what the best next step is. If it’s a broken or rotted board, a sagging post or something in between, we’ll have it looking new in no time.

Contact Us Today

At Iron Horse, we’re committed to extending the life of your McKinney home’s fence through restoration. Whether it’s a small backyard or a spacious fenced lawn, let us transform your DFW fence through our restoration process. Give us a call today for a free estimate!

Your wish is our command. Whatever color you’re dreaming of, we can make happen. We have a team of wood experts available to help you decide what colors best compliment your home and yard, so you’ll never feel lost in the process. The natural colors and details of your wood will impact the final color with staining, so we’ll let you know exactly what it will show up as on your particular fence. Together, we’ll figure out the perfect paint or stain for your McKinney home. 

Following painting or staining, we will seal our work to ensure the fence stays looking great for years to come. This protects from UV rays, nasty weather and the dirt and grime of everyday life. We want you to enjoy your fence well into the future, so we use only the best materials and techniques in our work.

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