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‘Tis the Season: Being Thankful for your Roof

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I’m sure we can all agree: this has been one long year. As we find ourselves finally reaching the last leg of the race, it becomes increasingly important to find that holiday spirit and be thankful for the things we do have. With the days only getting shorter and colder, the warmth of the fire and our loved ones becomes an easy spot on the list. But sometimes, we forget some things that we take for granted.

While we sit here and dig deep for what we are so thankful for, remember that your home has played maybe it’s biggest role ever this year in helping you feel safe. It’s hardly at the top of everyone’s list but it should definitely make your list of gratitude at some point. Suffice it to say that our having a roof over our head is something that we should all give thanks to.

We’re certainly thankful for that at Iron Horse. While we’re all reflecting on what we truly appreciate, here are a few reasons to help add your home to that list.

It Keeps your most Valuable Asset Safe

After purchasing a home, it instantly becomes one of the greatest financial assets that you will ever have. With that in mind, just know that it comes with the responsibility of maintaining and protecting it whenever a repair becomes necessary. There might always be something to work on when it comes to owning a house, but the roof is without a doubt one of the most important parts to keep in top shape.

Now, a lot of homeowners might not be able to notice every tiny problem that your roof can have. Contacting an expert twice a year for a simple roof inspection will help you keep up with it. After all, we all want to keep our home and our loved ones safe — especially moving into these forthcoming cold months!

For Boosting the Value of your Home

You might not be planning on putting your house up for sale but your roof nevertheless has so much to do with its value. Just by sitting there and doing its job, it is quietly boosting your property value. Outside of that, a particularly good lookin’ roof has a nice amount of curb appeal. 

Can you imagine looking at a house that you’re interested in buying just to find that there’s some noticeable leaks or even brown stains on the ceiling? It’s kind of hard to imagine not being a deal breaker. If your roof is well maintenance (or even freshly replaced) it helps the buyers see the potential of the home as a positive, not as a negative. 

It Keeps your Home Temperature Regulated


One of te most obvious reasons that we should be thankful for our roof is that it keeps us warm when it’s cold and takes the edge off of the heat when it’s scorching outside. The roof is truly the last line of defense between us and the harsher elements of the outside world. If your roof stays well maintained, it will help make your home far more efficient at regulating the internal temperatures.

If you’re not even certain of where to begin with what your roof needs, call Iron Horse today and we’ll help you start feeling thankful for your home.

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