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Don’t Let Your Christmas Lights Ruin Your Roof

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It is a time honored tradition to decorate one’s house in all the shimmering glory that are Christmas decorations. The chance to one-up your neighbor and to allow astronauts on the International Space Station to see your house from space only comes once a year.

However, neighborhood pride aside, there is a cautionary tale to every Christmas-time home-decoration shindig: Make sure you don’t damage your roof whilst hanging your lights.

Iron Horse Roofing would like to offer up these 5 simple steps to protect your roof while also being able to blow the socks off of your neighbor’s Manger Scene.

  • Find The Proper Connection Points: One of the easiest ways a homeowner can damage their roof while hanging christmas lights and decorations is to attach said lights and decorations to areas which are not suited to hold any amount of significant weight. Attempt to avoid connecting any lights / decorations to your actual roof, but rather, use your trim. Avoiding the use of nails on any area of your roof is also advised.
  • Watch Your Step: Beyond the actual physical hanging and connecting of lights, you also need to be extra aware when you find yourself walking around on your roof. If you can put up your Christmas decorations without having to go on the top of your roof, then that’s what we recommend. Though, if you find it necessary to get up there, then mind taking “heavy steps” and avoid stepping / walking on areas which feel unsafe.
  • Smart Ladder Usage: One of the main points of safety when using your ladder to set up your Christmas lights is to make sure that you don’t rest your ladder upon your gutters. Leaning on your gutters not only can really do some damage to your roof / gutter system, but it can also cause injury to yourself. In addition, a falling ladder can rip pieces from your roof while also endangering those around you.
  • Take-Down Just As Important As Put-Up: So, your lights and decorations have been up for a month and a half, and now you need to take them down (well, technically you don’t HAVE to take your Christmas lights and decorations down, but remember what we said earlier about neighborhood pride… ?). Knowing the right time to take your decorations down is key, but it is almost impossible to muster up the same kind of motivation to take the lights down as you find when putting the lights up. The lag of the post-holiday season can be heavy, but this speedy take-down delima can lead to roof damage when you attempt to pull and tug in a haphazard way. Take your time, because it will be worth it to not cause damage to your roof.

Call A Roofing Pro If You Notice Damage From Your Christmas Decorations: And the end of the day, nothing can substitute a trustworthy roofing professional to help you in your time of need. Don’t delay in contacting Iron Horse Contractors if you find yourself with a little Christmas-time decorating roof mishap.

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