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Be Gone, Leaves! Tricks And Tips For Clean And Safe Gutters

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As you begin to prep and ready your house or property for the coming fall / winter season, there are many items to consider; though the majority of your efforts and thoughts may be focused on the in-laws visiting for the holiday season either in-person or virtually! One way or the other, your house is sure to be judged. 

We’ve all driven down our neighborhood streets and have seen the house with twigs and sticks and dirt and leaves protruding from all areas of the gutters, and you think to yourself, “how in the world did those gutters get that bad?”. Well, let’s not be that guy, huh?

All kidding aside, and save the outlier of the absurdly backed-up gutter system, most homeowners don’t give a second thought to only checking their gutters once a year, or even less.

While none of us want to be judged by our in-laws and neighbors, forgetting to check and maintain your gutters at least a few times a year can have much larger consequences than the judgmental glare of “neighbor Joe and Jane”. A compromised foundation, leaky roof, and a moldy attic are just a few of the major side effects caused by gutter system neglect.

We here at Dallas / Fort Worth – based Iron Horse Contractors would like to offer some simple yet effective ways to properly tend to your gutter system on a year-round basis. And, as always, do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you have or services you feel you need.

3 Simple Ways To Maintain Your Gutters Year Round

  • Perform a tri-monthly walk-around and on-roof inspection: One of the easiest things you can do as a homeowner to keep an eye on your gutter system, is to literally keep an eye on your gutter system… While this may seem redundant, locking yourself into a pattern of doing a routine, thorough inspection of your gutter system will allow you to stay on top of any issues that may arise, as well as knowing if you need to call a professional. Certainly, we are all busy in our daily lives with work, helping the kids with school, etc., but penciling in this routine maintenance and sticking to the routine will pay off.
  • Make sure to check your gutters right after a big storm: In conjunction with your tri-monthly inspections, you should also be in the habit of checking your gutters after a big storm, which we here in Texas see plenty of. As stated in the tip above, this will help you to stay on top of things, while also making sure leaves and debris have not been blown into your gutters.
  • Clean your gutters when necessary: If during your inspections you notice your gutters are filled with any type of debris, don’t hesitate to clean them immediately. A leaf blower, powerwasher, spade-like tool, or even your gloved-hands can work really well.

We hope these upfront and do-able gutter-maintenece tips will allow you to not only keep up with the Jones’s, but to blow them out of the gutter!

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