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6 Considerations For Fall Work On Your Roof

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With all the factors that come with fixing your roof – hot and cold air, severe weather, and the peril of being up on your roof – it is imperative to attempt to schedule a repair or maintenance job during the fall season. There are a multitude of reasons as to why this is true, and below we give you some.

  • Strong Summer Storms Have Passed: The type of weather you tend to see in the summer; heavy rain, strong winds, hail, etc.are generally gone once the fall season is in full swing. Fall is also a good time to have a yearly inspection to assess for any possible unseen wreckage from summer storms.
  • Prime Working Weather: Even though fall weather patterns vary across the U.S., commonly, most areas of the country experience pleasant, dry conditions for at least a month or two during the fall season. This type of weather allows for better natural sealing of various roofing components, as well as giving the roofing professionals a much needed break from a scorching summer of working on top of hot roofs.
  • Too Cold Is No Go: Much like the summer months can at times in certain areas become too hot, cold weather can affect the way various materials settle and come together on your roof. Specifically, shingles can be extremely hard to work with in the colders months, and this can extend install time, elevating the cost for the consumer.
  • Strong Sealing Conditions: Another pro for having work done during the beauty of fall is that if you are in the market to get your roof resealed, the conditions during this time of year favors shingles and sealant time to set and dry properly before winter moves in.
  • Different Season, Still Strong Storms: The Ying to Summer’s Yang, winter provides a whole new set of challenges. By definition, severe weather is severe weather. However, winter can arguably be considered even worse than the summer season for roof installation and repair. Bitter cold and blizzards can flat out cancel an real possibility to get work done on a roof. There are also the multitude of circumstances which winter can present: Ice jams, rotting shingles, and leakage, to name a few. Getting your roof checked on in the fall can also allow professionals to winterize your roof to the best of their abilities.
  • Money Saver Our last tip for getting work done on your roof in the fall has to do with saving money! Somewhat like tip #5, this know-how ties into winterization. Redoing or renewing your roof in the fall can assure a homeowner that they have put their best foot forward in terms of keeping the heat in the house, and therefore saving money on the heating bill.

There is a certain belief out there that spring can be a good time to complete repairs or inspections.Notwithstanding the positives of spring roof work, as listed above, the fall season offers many more benefits than the spring, and also allows customers various options and availability that may not be as prevalent in the early spring months.

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